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What you can expect with Lighthouse Studios Bridal Artistry

Welcome Potential Lighthouse Bride!!!

I've listed a few reasons why hiring Lighthouse Studios would be a great option for anyone who wants their wedding day to be the most memorable day of their life with no surprises!!!

What you can expect from Lighthouse Studios and associates ....

-Kindness and care. I form personal deep relationships with all of my clients who are willing and care first and foremost about my client ; their happiness and peace on the day of their wedding!!! I provide a calming joyful environment and am ready to handle any situation that may arise ! My ultimate goal is to make my bride feel comfortable , confident and timelessly beautiful.

-Artist reliability: We are prompt and reliable. I can't tell you how many brides I have received inquiries from absolutely frantic because another makeup artist scheduled themselves to do makeup and then weeks before the big day decided to cancel! I can't imagine that feeling. With us there is peace and assurance that we will deliver what we promise!

-Faster and less stressful time frames! With multiple artists our team can get up to 10+ makeup applications done in just a few hours. Instead of spending all day getting ready you can have more time to do other important wedding day activities and even sleep in a bit!!

- Ten years of experience with bridal and professional photography make up. I know what products are going to be the best for your big day I know what products will last all day(even through heat) & I know what products will show up well on camera. It's very important to me that you look back on the images from the most important day in your life and feel confident , beautiful and timeless.

-Cleanliness and professionalism . Make up products, tools, and brushes are disinfected and cleaned thoroughly after each use and never cross contaminated.

-Quality make up products. I use Mac Pro product line a top & trusted brand in the professional make up artist industry. We use only high end product lines , never drugstore . Top Quality to last !!!

-Makeup up that will last 16+ hours on the most important day of your life. This is the most important factor, with most weddings being outdoors or in the summer and spring time the product lines I use are tested and trusted in heat and outdoor conditions!! I also use every measure from skincare, primers and setting sprays to ensure longest performance possible.

Stay tuned BRIDES ! I am dedicating the entire winter to blogging all about BRIDES!!! Good luck on planning the wedding of a lifetime!!!! I look forward to potentially working with you!!

Thanks for stopping by , I'm here to help!!!! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for weekly makeup tutorials,tips, and tricks xoxo

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