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I choose to SAY NO TO "INSTAGRAM MAKEUP" Will you?

There is something really scary creeping into our daughters eyes on a daily basis and it's called INSTAGRAM MAKEUP! Just You Tube it, and you will be scared!!!! It's our opportunity as moms to educate our daughters on the appropriate makeup application for real life. Beauty bloggers worldwide are influencing the lives of our daughters daily to INSTA-fy the beauty they already have and transform into a walking dolls! I don't know about you but as a mom of a 14 year old I know something needs to change! The images you will see if you search #instagrammakeup are not even attainable to our daughters. A majority of the time these girls who call themselves" Beauty Gurus" are just really handy with apps and softening filters ! So our daughters see these over filtered and softened images and they are being slowly pushed down into a place of total insecurity because they will never look like these girls they are inspired by. I want to shake them and say "YES ! Your right you'll never look like this! And neither will they! It's all FAKE and completely unattainable !"

So what can we do?

-We do our best to verbally speak into the beauty they have as often as we can! Words are our most powerful tool they have the capability to built up or tear down confidence in an INSTAnt!

-If you feel comfortable with makeup then show them how to attain a natural look and point out what things about them you think they should enhance ! You could even make a day of it by going to get the right products and then teaching your teen the right way to enhance their beauty .

-If you are not comfortable with makeup you can take them to a professional for a class on beginning makeup. Someone who has a "natural beauty" approach and that you trust to teach them how to enhance their natural beauty.(I am teaching a workshop in March info below)

-Always compliment them as they are trying to get the hang of it , they are beginners remember. Give only encouraging advise and give it some time !

It's up to us at moms to teach our daughters to love themselves and as women to set a new standard of beauty. We are allowing the world to overturn true beauty and transform it into something unattainable. We get to decide to not feed into that , we can stop purchasing products that promote transformations over enhancment. We can stop following and propelling this by simply not letting it define what we buy, how we do our makeup, who we look to as a "GURU". What would happen if no one bought the products, what would happen if no one followed the social media accounts, what would happen if no one watched the youtube videos or read the blogs...........YOU GUESSED IT! WE would stop the progression... and put things back into order.

If you see no problem with this evolution of beauty then I propose a question to you.

"Have you ever looked at yourself and thought .... I wish I was___. I wish I had____. I wish my ___ was prettier ?" If so then I assure you are feeling the effects of this problem but you may not even realize it. If you have had never felt these questions arise then that's great but others are feeling this way and it's our job as compassionate people who care and want others to be happy and confident to STEP UP and do something !

We as women have the power to change the world and it just takes one to start a movement ! Who will step into the power that has been given to us, be a force of change, who will go against the grain and choose to lead the younger generation of girls into truth?

I hope this encourages you to go against the grain and decide to redefine beauty for the women to come!!


IF your interested in attending my "Intro To Makeup Workshop" March 25th 2017 at Blank Space Tri Cities you can head on over to their website and snag tickets!!

Thanks for stopping by and SAYING NO TO INSTAGRAM MAKEUP with me! xoxo

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