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Lighthouse Brides Edition - Can you go natural on your wedding day makeup?

"After working for 10 years in an industry that has constantly promoted transformation over natural, timeless, authentic beauty ...... I think I'm finally relevant! Haha! I'm feeling trendy guys!"

Hi! I'm Keri Meraz , makeup artist and owner of Lighthouse Studios a natural makeup artistry studio and team! Welcome to my NEW "natural beauty" blog! I have specialized in illuminating natural beauty for over 10 years and recently created a team of artists who come along side of me creating timeless makeup looks that enhance natural beauty rather than covering and tranforming!

It's my opinion that a women who looks fresh, natural, timeless and not over done is a woman who attracts the most positive and empowering attention! Notice I didn't say just the most attention.

What I said was the most positive and EMPOWERING attention! There is nothing that exudes confidence more than a women who is authentically herself and secure in her god given beauty.

So to answer your question: Can I go natural on my makeup for my wedding day?

100 PERCENT YES! Simple , clean, editorial makeup is hitting the world by storm ! Praise JESUS! I am so excited personally that trends are finally leaning to a more natural makeup look that truly empowers women to embrace their beauty and let the makeup just enhance.

By the way natural doesn't have to mean "no makeup" makeup! It just means makeup that truly comes alongside your individual beauty and enhances that, leaving people talking about how beautiful YOU looked not how beautiful your makeup was! I pulled one of my own and a few images from my Pinterest to show you what is flooding the bridal scene for this new year. Click on the images to see sources and I encourage you ! Yes ! Be authentically you! Your beauty is enough and I also know from my own wedding day that a timeless look is what you will want to look back at! On my own wedding day I went trendy and it just wasn't me. I wish I could have had a makeup artist that would have encouraged me in my beauty and who would empower me to be true to who I am. I wish I had hired an artist who asked me questions and figured out who I truly was! But instead I trusted her idea of what beauty was. At the time I was young and I trusted her as a professional "bridal makeup artist" to create a look that I would love for years to come. That incident in fact began my journey as a makeup artist! I wanted to offer a trustworthy opinion and provide timeless looks that my clients and brides wouldn't regret years later!

I hope you are loving my winter BRIDAL BLOG TAKEOVER ! I will be dedicating all my winter blog posts to BRIDES! If you have not subscribed yet..... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! Also don't forget to follow me on Instagram for natural makeup inspiration and weekly makeup tutorials, tips and tricks!!

Thank you so much for stopping by to GO NATURAL on your big day!! YOU ARE ENOUGH!! xoxo

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