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The Purpose Behind Lighthouse Studios

"I am a firm believer that when you do something with purpose and meaning that is clothed with good hearted intentions, honor and love for people , you will prosper in all you set your hands, mind and heart to do !"

I'd love to introduce myself first, so you know what your getting into here. I am new creation , a daughter of promise, I am a mouth piece to the one and only KING Jesus. Also, I happen to work as a professional makeup artist which most people don't take as something that is good hearted, loving or honorable . I however believe that we are all talented in some area for a very specific purpose, whether it's preaching the gospel from a church pulpit or doing an insecure teens makeup while speaking truth and loving her. I have chosen to take what I am good at and use it to reach people and just love them as they are and try my hardest to point them to this truth that I wish I had know sooner.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and OUR beholder is Jesus not the world”

When I was growing up I became interested in makeup because of the transformative power I had with it. I could cover up all my insecurities. I could transform from what I actually felt like on the inside (ashamed, ugly, insecure, and unloved.) Into what I desperately wanted to feel authentically on the inside (confident , beautiful, loved & admired.) This was life , for a very long time. Pretending and portraying perfection. On the outside everything looked polished and put together, beautiful to the eyes but what I was doing was poison to my heart inside.

If you know me , then you know that GOD radically changed my heart and began a real transformative work in me that I hope is never finished just so I can always be in process “with HIM”.

The purpose behind Lighthouse Studios is simple. Use something worldly to uncover heaven’s perspective. Use makeup to simply bring out the beauty that is already there! Let's face it we are bombarded with images of so called perfection on the daily, but what if we just took a step back and appreciated the beauty that we already hold? I happen to have this talent so I am determined to use it to glorify God and all he created.

The world uses makeup to cover and mask all that God created, what he spent countless hours creating and perfecting. BUT through Lighthouse Studios it is my pleading prayer and mission that Heaven’s perspective be made known! I believe Makeup should not be a mask , or a covering. Here at LHS makeup is not used as a tool to transform you into something new and better. You were created beautiful with out flaw and it’s my personal mission that every young woman who comes to LHS leaves feeling enhanced, confident and comfortable in HER God given beauty.

Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me share my heart with you! xoxo

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